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Below are addendum to my previous post “Achilles Project.” 

  1.  I had my leftover chicken for lunch and it was perfectly cooked.  I must confess that when I have a large meal at a restaurant, I eat strategically.  To clarify, when I order chicken, I eat the breast first, in consideration of my leftovers, because it is the driest cut.  When I had my leftovers for lunch, the thigh and drumstick were moist and delicious.  I feel guilty for insinuating otherwise in my original assessment of Persephone.
  2. If I were male, I would have also added Public School to my list of designer labels.  Ish, look at their fashion spread.  Their model is you–it’s time to start dressing the part.

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Achilles Project


Last night, Ray and I had a very nice dinner that was made even better by the lovely restaurant space.  But I’m starting backward–let me begin by describing the Achilles Project.  Located in Fort Point Channel, it has only been open since January ’08, and is combination boutique, bar/lounge, and formal dining.  The boutique carries a long list of designers (Creative RecreationNeal SperlingNinh wysocahnAcneBing Bang to name a few that I’m excited about).  The bar/lounge boasts a series of flat screens, suspended from the ceiling, providing vehicles for Wii and Guitar Hero (yessssss).  The restaurant, named Persephone, has an accomplished executive chef, Michael Leviton, and a great wait-staff that provides all the sensible components of a fine dining experience without the pretension.  Finally, all three are housed in one cohesive space with a modern industrial design.  Ray and I were seated against a long banket.  Combined with the candlelight, the aesthetic was clean and warm.   Now on to the food porn


I started off with a pear puree (which you can see on the side of glass) moscato cocktail that was really yummy.  It was especially sweet because of the fruit, but the flavor of the wine wasn’t overpowered.
For our small plates, Ray ordered the pork consomme and I ordered the bone marrow.  Ray thought his soup was good, but unimpressive.  I didn’t bother to try it–he said it tasted like onion soup with pieces of pulled pork.  On second thought, maybe I should’ve; sounds kind of good.  I was busy with my dish which I enjoyed, although I think I’ve been ruined by my first experience with bone marrow at Ad Hoc (the flavors were much richer).  Regardless, I still recommend the dish which is accompanied with toast, capers, and mustard.
For our main courses, Ray ordered the skirt steak and I ordered the chicken.  I’m afraid Ray won this contest, but it was close.  The flavors were right on for both dishes, but his meat was cooked a little better than mine.  I rarely order chicken at restaurants because I worry about the dryness.  My chicken last night was just a tad bit on the dry side, but that didn’t stop me from taking my leftovers home so that my co-workers could enviously watch me eat it for lunch the next day.  
At any rate, we both enjoyed the flavor pairings very much.  My chicken was dressed with arugala, pine nuts,  golden raisins, croutons, and chicken jus viniagrette.  Ray’s skirt steak was accompanied with french fries and aged balsamic vinegar.
We finished our meal with a hazelnut chocolate torte topped with chocolate mouse and garnished with liquored dates.  We didn’t mind that it was basically a glorified brownie rather than an actual torte because, well, we really like brownies.  I really enjoyed my dessert wine too.  I ordered the Bonny Doon moscato which tasted like candied fruit juice.  I was going to include a picture of everything, but Ray objected saying the chocolate mousse looked too much like “poo.”  Instead, here is a picture of our check topped with an offering of really delicious pomegranate fudge.  It was like having two desserts and I don’t think I minded.
It was a good ending to a really nice experience.  So, thanks to my foodie friends Ish and George for telling me about this spot.  Now we have to go during the day to check out the boutique…

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Wish List cont…


I find adorable product packaging irresistible.  A friend of mine just gave me a makeup case from the MAC & Fafi collaboration.  Now I just want to fill it with lipsticks covered in little Fafinettes

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Wish List

Oh–my wish list is loooooong.  The most recent addition is something I actually hated when I first saw, but now have a burning desire to possess…


 The Louis Ghost Chair is a design by Philippe Starck and is brilliant for small spaces.  It’s pretty pricey, so I checked out Ikea to see if they have a similar design.   I didn’t see anything, but I saw some alternatives that would work well in my tiny apartment.

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3 Floors Up

Even on crappy days, I still love my view.


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Miss Van

I’ve been working at the adidas concept boutique in Harvard Square for a while now.  Over the years, adidas has done a couple of collaborations with French graffiti artist Fafi and I’ve collected some cute pieces.  But before I learned about Fafi, there was Miss Van.  In 2003, I was flipping through an issue of WeAr magazine and I saw her artwork interspersed throughout.  Her curvy women were a departure from the stick thin models in WeAr’s fashion spreads and I loved them.   



Since, Miss Van has moved in a different trajectory.  I used to associate the two artists with one another, but I’m less inclined to do so now.  Miss Van’s work is definitely a far cry from the commercial work that Fafi’s been doing with brands like adidas and MAC.  Regardless, I really like both of them.

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Sodium Schmodium


I’ve never had instant Yakisoba noodles before.  My experience had been limited to your standard Cup O’Noodles or Ramen.  But this stuff is really different.  For one thing, it’s not soup.  

After the noodles have been soaking in boiled water for a couple of minutes, you peel off the orange tab to reveal drain holes for the water.


Then there are a whole bunch of little packets to add in…including mustard/mayo?!?P.S. One serving contains 1700mg of sodium. 

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