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Mama Wok

Lunch with my grandmother at one of her favorite Chinese restaurants, Mama Wok–She loves the hot and sour soup there and I have to agree . . .


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no. 3 happy hour

watermelon martinis at Amada Amante

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fat baby!

Christian Pong is the newest addition to my sister’s family.  He is quite fat and adorable.  He also has a mohawk, but it’s not styled in this pic . . .

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no. 2 happy hour

happy hour at Red Rock. . . I drank “Flirtinis.”

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no. 1 happy hour

I’m pretty sure Boston has some weird laws about discounting liquour, so while I’m visiting my family, I’m going to be taking advantage of happy hour here.

My brother and I enjoying the happy hour at Rio Grande–I’m consuming some crazy beverage called the Squirrel.  It has like frozen margarita and sangria and a plastic flamingo wearing high heels.

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a much needed break

I’m visiting my family right now and enjoying a much needed break.  The clouds going into D.C. were pretty, but that was about the only enjoyable aspect of my flight . . .

There was absolutely no leg room!  I’m a petite girl, so I wondered how the taller passengers must have been feeling.  Also, I flew on American and they charge for checked bags now–$15 for the first bag and $25 for a second.  I decided not to check anything in, but because I only bought a one way ticket, I was chosen for additional screening and a security agent had to check everything in my bags.  I managed to fit a lot of stuff in them and after a while, the security agent exclaimed, “Another pair of shoes?!”  Oh, she has no idea.

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At At

I was on Mopu42 and stumbled upon this desk by t.n.a. studio.  It doesn’t look like much, but it’s as close to perfection as I’ve ever seen.  

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