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Flour Bakery

The mini tarts at Flour are so cute.  They are also quite tasty! I should know–I ordered one of each kind . . .


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noticing the little things

When you walk past something everyday, it’s easy to overlook . . .

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Four Burgers

cheeseburger, sweet potato fries, & a Brooklyn Lager

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other side of the tracks

my walk from Cambridge into Somerville

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Kickass Cupcakes

Ray’s birthday was at the end of June and I found a way to bypass his “no-cake” proclamation.  Apparently, cupcakes are not outlawed.

I went to Kickass Cupcakes in Davis Square and picked up half a dozen of their tastiest sounding flavors:  double chocolate, mojito, s’mores, chocolate w/Sam Adam’s frosting, cinnamon chai pecan, lemon w/white chocolate frosting and candied ginger

Ray’s favorite was the double chocolate, but that might have had something to do with the cute little candle and the banner that read, “Have a Kickass Birthday.”  I really liked the Sam Adam’s and we both really enjoyed the s’mores cupcake, which is pictured above.




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I’m bad

Oh my goodness, I’ve been so bad about blogging.  I can’t believe it’s been close to a month since my last entry! 

As usual, I’ve been preoccupied by food, and right now is no exception.  Tonight, I stopped by Bloc 11 and ordered The Rivet.

prosciutto, basil-infused herb ricotta, caramelized onions, tomato, and spring greens on rosemary focaccia

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rediscovering Blue Ribbon BBQ

As I sat in Blue Ribbon eating my incredibly delicious pulled pork sandwich, I wondered, “Why has it taken me over a year to come back??”


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