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I really love this photo that Ray took.  It’s up on RAW.


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Thank You!!!

Ray gave me an Expedition deck.  It is 7.5″ and the perfect size for me.  Steve gave me Independent trucks and Alien Workshop wheels he wasn’t using anymore.

Kevin gave me a Raw shirt that was printed for the NBA Playoffs.  He only made about thirty for friends and family.

Shayna painted my Stan Smith’s for me.

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Street Level

The newest exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston looks really interesting.  Street Level is a collection of work by Mark Bradford (Los Angeles), William Cordova (Lima, Miami, New York) and Robin Rhode (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Berlin) that is inspired by their urban environments.  Pieces range from graffiti, film, painting, photography, and sculpture.

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Wish List cont…


I find adorable product packaging irresistible.  A friend of mine just gave me a makeup case from the MAC & Fafi collaboration.  Now I just want to fill it with lipsticks covered in little Fafinettes

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Miss Van

I’ve been working at the adidas concept boutique in Harvard Square for a while now.  Over the years, adidas has done a couple of collaborations with French graffiti artist Fafi and I’ve collected some cute pieces.  But before I learned about Fafi, there was Miss Van.  In 2003, I was flipping through an issue of WeAr magazine and I saw her artwork interspersed throughout.  Her curvy women were a departure from the stick thin models in WeAr’s fashion spreads and I loved them.   



Since, Miss Van has moved in a different trajectory.  I used to associate the two artists with one another, but I’m less inclined to do so now.  Miss Van’s work is definitely a far cry from the commercial work that Fafi’s been doing with brands like adidas and MAC.  Regardless, I really like both of them.

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