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miniature food

One contributing factor to my long absence was my discovery of the Japanese company Re-ment. Basically, for the past 3 weeks, every time I went online, I ended up looking at miniature food for hours on end.



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Uh Oh…

I guess Domo has been eating too much food too!

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Although Brobee has been on my mind quite a bit recently, my favorite monster is still Domo-kun.  Recently, I took the little guy with me to Washington D.C. where I rediscovered the National Portrait Gallery

 I wanted to check out the new courtyard and I wasn’t disappointed–It is pretty amazing.  The curved glass ceiling is really beautiful and I felt like I was outdoors.  It seems like a really great haven for city dwellers during the cold D.C. winters.  


 I also wanted to check out the Recognize! exhibit which examines the influence of hip hop culture on modern American portraiture.  Domo was pretty into the graffiti from D.C.-based artists, Tim Conlon and Dave Hupp.


I was most impressed by artist Shinique Smith and her piece entitled, “No Thief to Blame.”  This photograph just doesn’t do it justice.  I was really struck by its texture and myriad details which is impossible to experience secondhand.


 I finally ended up on the third floor of the gallery and the space seriously made me wish I was a museum curator.


 I just sat on that green couch and chiiiiiiiilled.


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Oh Brobee…

I know I’m supposed to be streamlining my lifestyle, but how is that going to be possible with the existence of a Brobee toy?


I’ve been thinking about him everyday ( do you see that adorable box??) and I need to buy him.  But maybe I can just satisfy myself with watching his program and reading crazy cute news stories about him.

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